December 10, 2018

SolarMAN Embedded WiFi Kit

SolarMAN Embaded Wifi Kit Blog Post

SolarMAN Embedded WiFi Kit S-W02E/S-W02ES is an embedded data logging module. With its “plug & play” function, the module is embedded in an inverter and can collect information of PV systems from the inverter.

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With the integrated WiFi function, the module can connect to router and transmit data to the web server, enabling users to view collected data by logging in the online monitoring portal ( In addition, users can also get access to the internal web server of the module via WiFi and directly obtain data from the module.

This Quick Guide is intended to assist users in quick configuration and start of Embedded WiFi Kit S-W02E and S-W02ES. If any problems, please refer to corresponding chapters of User Manual for details.Configuration interfaces may differ according to different product models.

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Sofar SolarMAN Quick_Setup Manual (Wi-Fi Optional)

Outlines of this chapter

This quick guide is intended to assist users in quick configuration and start of Embedded Wi-Fi

1. Network setting
Note: The setting hereinafter is operated with Windows7 for reference only. If other
operating systems are used, please follow the corresponding procedures.

1. Prepare a computer or device, e.g. tablet PC and smart phone that enables Wi-Fi.
2. Obtain an IP address automatically.


Setp1: Click on wifi mode

Setp2: Connect with your personal internet access point (AP) or WLAN.
Example: “sofarpv” in this case. See Figure 1

SolarMan Figure 1 and 2

Setp3: Right click on your connected AP, click on Status > Properties to open the wireless
network property setup window. See Figure 2

Setp4: Double click on internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Click on General > Obtain an IP
address automatically > OK to finish the setup. See Figure 3, 4:

SolarMan Figure 3 and 4

3. SOFAR inverter Wi-Fi module setup Procedure:

Setp1: Click on Wifi

Setp2: Connect with SOFAR inverter Wi-Fi module, defaulted with no password and its name
started as AP_ and a following 9-digit Wi-Fi serial number. See Figure 5, 6.

SolarMan Figure 5 and 6

Setp3: When connected, open browser, head to, and fill in user name
and password which all defaulted as admin for the first time. See Figure 7

SolarMan Figure 7

Setp4: When successfully logged in, users can find basic information on their inverter Wi-Fi
Figure 8

SolarMan Figure 8

Setp5: Please click on Wizard > Start to start the detailed setup on your inverter Wi-Fi
module.Figure 9

SolarMan Figure 9

Setp6: Select Wireless connection, and click Next.
Figure 10

SolarMan Figure 10
Note: If the signal strength (RSSI) of your selected internet access point (AP) is lower
than 15%, the connection may be unstable, please select other available
network or shorten the distance between the device and the router, or reference
section 4.6 Figure 4-28.

Setp7: Select your personal wireless network. This can be done by refreshing your wireless
network or add it manually. See Figure 11

SolarMan Figure 11

Note If you choose to add your wireless network manually, please keep encryption
method and encryption algorithm the same as your home router’s setup.
Figure 10

Setp8: Please enter your personal wireless network password. Then click Next.
Figure 12

SolarMan Figure 12

Setp9: Select Enable > Next to obtain IP address automatically.
Figure 13

SolarMan Figure 13

Setp10: Click Next. Figure 14

SolarMan Figure 14

Setp11: Click OK to wait for setting complete.
Figure 15

SolarMan Figure 15

SolarMan Figure 16

SolarMan Figure 17

Setp12: Setup of wireless network connection priority and connection mode.
Open Control panel > Network and sharing center > Manage wireless networks. Set your
home router’s access point as default to connect with your personal computer automatically.
Make sure it has the highest priority. To the device Wi-Fi module, set its AP as default to
connect with your personal computer manually.
Example: make sure “sofarpv” wireless network connection priority is the highest.

Setp13: Connect with your personal wireless network or WLAN. Figure 18

SolarMan Figure 18

2. Register on SolarMAN Portal
Launch your browser, open SolarMAN portal website:

Step1: Click on Register now if you do not have an account. Figure 19

SolarMan Figure 19

Step2: Fill in basic registration information upon request.
Figure 20

SolarMan Figure 20

Setp3: Fill in details to complete the registration.
Figure 21

SolarMan Figure 21

Setp4: If registration is successful, the above page will display. Click OK to return to the
homepage of the portal.
Figure 22

SolarMan Figure 22

3. Log in SolarMAN Portal to manage power station

After successful registration, open the login page of SolarMAN Portal, and input your E-mail
and password to access the monitoring system and start monitoring and management of
power plants.Figure 23

SolarMan Figure 23

Figure 24

SolarMan Figure 24

** Add more inverters on SOFAR SolarMAN monitoring system
Click Setting > Device > Add to enter the 9-digit serial number (SN), and then click OK to
complete the setting of adding a new inverter. Figure 25

SolarMan Figure 25 and 26


*** Alert notification setup

When any abnormal situation happened to the device, an error message would be sent
automatically to your designated email account in second.

Please fill in below your personal email account to complete the setup of your alert

SolarMan Figure 27

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