How Solar Works

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Solar Power – How It Works?

How It Works? – Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of homes and business, capture the sun’s energy. The sun’s energy is converted directly into electricity by transferring sunlight photon energy into electrical energy. This conversion takes place within cells of specially fabricated semiconductor crystals.While it might be true that solar cannot generate electricity all the time, it does generate electricity when it may be needed most, during the day. Importantly on hot sunny days when electricity demand is at its peak, driven by the need bu Aussie householders for air-conditioners.Generating your energy demand by solar means electricity is generated at the point of demand.

Where people live and work meaning there is no need to transfer the energy long distances across expensive infrastructure.

Greenhouse Gas Savings

Solar power is a zero-emission electricity source. One megawatt hour of solar-derived electricity avoids approximately one tonne of CO2.

How The Energy Gets To You

Solar energy from the sun hits the photo voltaic cells in the panels on your roof.  These cells transfer that solar energy into electricity in DC(direct current) This electricity is converted to AC ( alternating current by the Inverter).  The electricity can be used by the appliances in the house or exported to the grid through a gross or net meter.  Some customers export all of the electricity generated to the grid and are paid a fee, while others use what they generated immediately and export whatever they are not using.  This means it is best for those on net metering to use their electricity while the sun is shining rather than at night. Good examples are for the operation of pool filters or washing clothes.

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