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Solis Inverter Installation From Solar World

Why choose a Solis inverter?

  1 – Our design and engineering heritage has been derived from the design and production of wind turbines and meeting the challenges they present with broad voltage tolerances.

  2 – Solis inverters exceed > 95% efficiency under ordinary operating conditions.

  3 – All Solis inverters have been designed and rated IP65 to withstand outdoor applications.

  4 – Solis inverters meet all AS/NZ 4777 requirements and are included on the CEC approved listing.

  5 – Our confidence in the quality of our Solis inverter is reflected in our industry leading 8 year warranty. We can do this because the Solis inverter has a design lifetime that exceeds 20 years.

Special Features:

How long have we been doing this?

1 – Solis inverters have evolved as a direct result of intensive development work through more than 20 years of engineering, design and renewable energy generation equipment manufacturing experience.

2 – Our team of engineers have benefitted from extensive knowledge and skills they have acquired while achieving PHD qualifications through Universities located all around the world including The University of Edinburgh.

3 – We were one of the first to enter the Australian market and continue to assist our customers to harvest the sun’s energy.

Where can I get service from?

1 – Our Australian operation has been established to provide local sales, after sales service, and warranty service support to the Solis range of inverters.

2 – Support for the Solis inverter is provided through an established network of fully qualified and accredited Service Technicians located across Australia.

3 – The Solis Solar Academy can provide direct training for your team.

4 – We have a proven team with a solid track record.

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