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BYD Batteries:

New Energy Solutions – BYD emerged in developing a new business model known as PV+Storage, aimed at eliminating bottlenecks in traditional photovoltaic power generation and meeting diverse market needs. BYD has developed PV+Storage, a new business model focused on renewable energy production, storage and applications, designed to change the world by leveraging new energy solutions.

  • Battery-Box Low Voltage – Box Pro2.5-10.0  and Battery-Box Pro13.8
  • Battery-Box Low Voltage – Battery-Box Res and Battery-Box Res 2.5-10.0
  • Battery-Box High Voltage – Battery-Box High Voltage

BYD achievement till now is 348335679 CO2 Emission Savings which is 29027973 Equivalance to Planting.

More About BYD Battery / Energy Storage Solution –

Energy storage and transfer to stabilize the renewable energy generation output, so that the consumer can use it everywhere anytime.

  • Li-iron Battery – 17 years battery manufacture experience, over 300 MWh Batteries service in EVs, Buses and ESS, More than 6,000 cycles life, High energy output and high energy density, Good performance in high temperature and Safety, Eco-Friendly Battery Technology.
  • BMS-Battery Management System – 9 years experience, BYD BMS Technology which is also used in BYD’s Electric Vehicle.

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